zing francal bougie disney


The brand

In 2017, Micromania, a specialist in video games for decades, merged with its by-products subsidiary Zing to reach a wider customer base, which until now was largely made of gamers. The new name is Micromania-Zing and the goal for the group is that by 2022 all Micromania stores will be switched to Micromania-Zing to accommodate all pop-culture products within each store.

The candles

By-products and licenses like Disney are very numerous in this brand. So we came closer to them to offer our scented candles, in the hope that our concept of «olfactory memory» associated with Disney’s iconic characters will reach a new audience.
Today, you can find our Disney candles in seven different Zing stores listed on our resellers page.

zing francal bougie disney
zing francal bougie disney
13 December 2017
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10 January 2018
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