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The brand

Taittinger is a French wine family who are famous producers of Champagne.
In 1932, Pierre Taittinger bought the Château de la Marquetterie from the wine house of Forest-Fourneaux. The house was run by François, then Claude Taittinger from 1960 to 2005, it was during this time that Taittinger became a champagne house of world renown. Claude Taittinger retired in 2006 and his nephew Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger replaced him as head of the business.
To learn more about the brand, visit www.taittinger.com

The brief

We met the Taittinger teams, with the aim of creating a high-end product together. We were asked a double creation of perfumes for scented candles, taking again the perfumed notes which one finds in the different flavors of their champagne.

The candles

The candles specially designed for Taittinger champagnes are poured into a 220g glossy black glass. The wax is black and is mixed (because we can not get a wax of this color in 100% vegetable – as a reminder, a mixed wax is a mixture of mineral and vegetable wax) and comes in two flavors according to the model: Smoked wood for the Marquetterie model (light blue packaging) and Precious wood for the Maison model (dark blue packaging). The packaging is made with a 200g / m² cardboard, which consists of two parts, a bottom and a lid, to provide protection and a presentation worthy of the name to the product.

francal bougies taittinger
10 January 2018
4 April 2018
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