retour de plage sac papier francal

Retour de Plage

The brand

Retour de Plage is a jewelery boutique based on the island of Oléron. The success was very fast since the brand now has 7 stores in France. Always inspired by the atmosphere of holidays and seaside, the store has diversified its products over time since 1990.
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The brief

After two successful collaborations with Retour de Plage, the request was renewed a third time for luxury paper bags. This new brief has resulted in a declination of the same design with the bands (cherished to the brand) with new colors.
This is one of our few clients to provide us with the final creation: very often our integrated design studio offers this service.

The paper bag

The bag is available in Italian format, in one size. It is made with a very thick kraft paper (200gsm), a token of a very good resistance. The design of the bag is in perfect harmony with the graphic charter of the shop, with marine style stripes, printed in 1 color, simply emblazoned with the brand logo and equipped with cords. No lamination to keep the «rough» touch of the paper.

retour de plage francal sac luxe
26 September 2017
Calvin Klein
14 December 2017