Sac luxe Desforges

Olivier Desforges

Brand presentation

Olivier Desforges is part of the Fremaux – Delorme Group and now operates in many countries through its
network of stores, partners or spaces and counters in department stores.
Since 1974, it’s in a refined and contemporary style that Olivier Desforges manufactures complete collections
of high-end house linen. The sense of quality combined with the talent of the beautiful prints give the brand
its identity and strong personality.
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The brief

We have been working for several years with Fremaux – Delorme which owns, among others, Hugo Boss’s
home linen licence. After several succesful collaborations, such as the Hugo Boss luxury paper bags,
we now manufactures their Olivier Desforges engraved luxury paper bags.
Concerning the service, we stock parts of their goods in our warehouse for several months.

The paper bag

The bags are available in 4 sizes, including a pouch format.
The paper quality used to manufacture them is a 190gsm white kraft paper, that guarantee resistance and
Faithful to the graphic charter from our client, we applied the orange color panton of the brand on the ledges
of the bag, the bottom, the inside but also on the handles which are made in grosgrain.
We used silver hot stamping technic to print the Olivier Desforges logo on the two main sides.

Sac luxe Desforges
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