Our scented candles in Disney Store Europe !


A treasure is not meant to be kept as an eternal secret. Therefore we proudly officially announce that you’ll be able to discover our most beautiful Disney scented candles in all Disney Stores. To get one of these precious treasures, you’ll simply have to find the closest Disney Store!

Only a very happy few could benefit until now from our elegant Disney boxes and our little nuggets of gourmet scent by going to some privileged places: the museum of the Monnaie de Paris, Zing license stores, Furet du Nord, Disneyland Paris and a lots of concept stores. Keep calm, these faithful landmarks will still be busy.
But from now on, the adventure of these exceptional fragrances ascends one more step in the Disney castle. Find us in no less than 72 outlets here and elsewhere. Because our wonderful candles, those that transport you to Minnie’s house, or those that invite you to Alice in Wonderland tea time will now be available in all Disney Stores.
In Paris alone, you can find our Disney scented candles at Galeries Lafayette Paris, and the Disney Store on the Champs Elysees as well as all the Disney stores in Disneyland Paris rather than only in the main ones. Parisians will be spoiled, we tell you. But they are far from being the only ones. Tinkerbell, Donald, Mickey and all the other characters dressed in our natural and environmentally friendly wax invite themselves into the shops of 9 different countries, all together.
Ignite the flame of your own childhood, relive the gourmet adventure and nostalgia for the company of our favorite heroes is now within shopping range!

15 June 2018
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