5 mondes Scented candles :

Fifteen years ago, Cinq Mondes presented its selection of some of the best beauty rituals of the world in its first spa in Paris. Their treatments and products are used today in more than 600 Spas and Beauty Salons all over the world.
Since the opening of its first Spa in the heart of Paris, Cinq Mondes has been praised as the French pioneer and expert in professional spa treatments and skincare.
If you want to learn more about the brand, go to www.cinqmondes.com

Our partnership :
In 2016, Cinq Mondes has come closer to Groupe Francal for the realization of luxury paper bags. Since, our partnership gradually increased, and we have now created together a range of products : scented candles, jewellery box, and also foldable box.
We have one thing in common with Cinq Mondes : concern for the environment. That’s why the packagings are made with Mix FSC paper : products manufactured with a combination of FSC-certified virgin fiber (from FSC-certified forests), controlled sources and/or recycled wood or fiber. Concerning the bags, we are priting with vegetal ink.

4 April 2017
Dugardin scented candle
5 April 2017
5 mondes Jewellery box